La Prochaine Fois
is the work of Riz Maslen, and is inspired by films such as Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka. It takes a voyeuristic approach to film making and often evokes a feeling of isolation in its audience. This is reflective of how Riz works: alone most of the time...The film serves as documentation of the last two years of Riz's travels around the world. "It's a kind of living diary of my life over the last two years, it really has no direction, but manages to flow regardless of this." It took two years to film and about 3 months to edit and finish the score. "I didn't really take it seriously until I had finished and thought it wasn't that bad, even if a little lo-fi. The hardest thing about making this film was having the conviction to go through with the idea, and funding it, as film making can be an expensive pastime." Riz has also written the soundtrack (Neotropic– as well as produced, directed and starred in it. Which form of expression does she prefer: writing music or making films? "I think film has always played a part in my music, as inspiration, kind of painting pictures with music, I love both and really don't consider myself as a film maker. It's really just a hobby of mine, something I have been messing around with for years...but who knows what's around the corner!" What does Riz hope to achieve with this film..? "Well I have achieved a lot already and if that's all, then I am happy....Finishing it was an achievement and to get out and play it a Leeds film festival was a great achievement, anymore would be a bonus." So could this be the beginning of a new outlet for Riz Maslen and Neotropic...what are her plans for the future? "Well I would like to be able to carry on doing what I do.... I have an idea already for the next film, but its just an idea right now and may take another two years to get done, but music is my first love, and film will always play a big part in my music making, and yeah I do see it as another outlet for my art.... Plans for the future to perhaps get help funding the next film project, Myrtle and the release of my forthcoming album in March, La Prochaine Fois," available on N-tone records.

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