Just who is this Bigside Left fellow?

Bigside Left cooks funky break soup with non-traditional ingredients. Brooklyn, NY's Ryan Herrold isn't a new chef on the circuit; he produced similar material under the moniker Earshot for several years prior to the jump to the Bigside. Beatheads rest assured, Herrold has not abandoned the basic formula; the new material is consistent with prior work, but injects more accessible and upbeat melodies into the equation.

Bigside Left's music strays from traditional arrangement in favor of loose compositions, which jump from one aesthetic to another like house-rocking DJs. Most music under the same color umbrella relies on repetition, and so too does Bigside Left, though Herrold strives to break the monotony so often employed by similar artists through contrasting opposite ideas under the consistency of a common breakbeat. While maintaining a constant groove, Bigside Left will flip the listener's expectation, mixing together easy listening melodies, jazzy stand-up bass lines, sci-fi narratives, and ethnic instrumentation in rapid succession.

Since injecting the first samples into his work, Herrold has been digging in the back-room crates while others were maintaining genre boundaries in their search for funk, soul and other traditional sampling sources. An inherited pile of old obscure recordings and a personal collection of contemporary beat-driven music inspired Herrold to undertake the fusion of yesterday's comfortable oddities and hard-edged breaks.

The eclectic mix that makes up a Bigside Left track is a refreshing postmodern recipe best served on a 1200 platter next to a tall glass of beer.